Clare Cotugno, Content Manager

Dear Kathryn,

On behalf of [my company], I want to thank you for all your excellent work on [our client’s] Web site. Your willingness and ability to quickly master the [client’s] branding, as well as hundreds of pages of industry facts, went far beyond even my ambitious expectations for the writing team.

Where to begin? Your work on the style guide was impeccable. You created a comprehensive guide that included client and industry-specific details in just one weekend. Moreover, you managed the document for the duration of the build. I always knew that you were going to coordinate and resolve questions, update the guide, and keep the entire team alerted to updates. Moreover, you did it with a sense of humor and a delight for language that even the driest material and tightest deadline could not dampen. Thanks so much for keeping the mood light even when we were under stress.

Kathryn, your attention to detail was a life saver. There’s just no other way to say it. Especially during the hectic weeks of Thanksgiving through Christmas, having you on the job freed me to attend to the larger tasks of coordinating and presenting work-in progress to the developers, marketers, and the client. I knew if there were a question about contents or facts, you’d give me a call, succinctly describe the situation, propose a fix, and move on to write other sections until you heard back from me. I also knew that if I did not hear from you, all was well.

In matters as large as the global messaging of the site, and as small as the abbreviations in the charts, you gave equal attention, dedication, and talent. As a result, our client is happy, my bosses are happy, and I am keeping a sharp eye out for more work to send your way.

Clare Cotugno, PhD
Manager, Content Quality
Web design and content firm

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