Obed Arango, Creative Conzepts

“I have the pleasure of working with Kathryn Kingsbury and recommend her with confidence because of the quality of her work and personal character. As a professional writer, Kathryn is meticulous, creative and exacting. She constantly pursues the best way to express ideas and concepts and enhance communication. As an owner of Creative Conzepts LLC, I have hired Kathryn as a freelancer and her work has been outstanding. She has collaborated in the creation of film scripts. Working with her is easy; she listens and expresses her ideas openly and with honesty. Moreover, Kathryn is a teammate who brings her best to every project and engages well in teamwork. Our time at Geneva Global allowed us to work together, producing reports on a very short timeline and according to a tight process. Kathryn has my full endorsement as a professional, writer and person.”

—Obed Arango, communication consultant, media producer and owner of Creative Conzepts LLC