What others say

“Your willingness and ability to quickly master the [client] branding, as well as hundreds of pages of industry facts, went far beyond even my ambitious expectations for the writing team. … Your work on the style guide was impeccable. You created a comprehensive guide that included client and industry-specific details in just one weekend. … Kathryn, your attention to detail was a life saver.”
—Clare Cotugno, PhD, content quality manager (Read full recommendation.)

“Kathryn is a meticulous editor who will help you polish your work for conciseness and consistency. … She helped the law school put our best foot forward. I would recommend her copy editing services to anyone in need of editing help.”
—Jonathan Zarov, associate dean of external affairs, University of Wisconsin Law School (Read full recommendation.)

“Kathryn is meticulous, creative, and exacting. She constantly pursues the best way to express ideas and concepts and enhance communication. As an owner of Creative Conzepts LLC, I have hired Kathryn as a freelancer and her work has been outstanding. … Working with her is easy.”
—Obed Arango, owner, Creative Conzepts LLC
(Read full recommendation.)

“Kathryn’s skill set is rare. She is a meticulous writer, swift reporter, consistently adheres to deadlines and has an eye for editing. It’s difficult to find a person who can write well and also edit, and she excels in this area. … Kathryn is a pleasure to work with and communicates in a solutions-based manner.”
—Tara Leitner, Senior Content Editor, 
Watt Global Media
 (Read full recommendation.)

“Kathryn brings an already amazingly eclectic knowledge of the world, coupled with the thoroughness of her extensive research, to any article she writes. … However, it’s the personal rapport she develops with the people who are the subjects of her profiles that allows her to go far beneath the surface to discover what’s at the heart of their creativity and desire to contribute to the common good.”
—John Quinlan, President, Q Solutions LLC (Read full recommendation.)

“Count on Kathryn to come up with an interesting angle to a tired topic, be thorough and enterprising in her research and deliver a quality product on time. … Kathryn would be an asset to any project or assignment.”
—Judy Frankel, director of communications and public relations, Greater Madison Convention & Visitors Bureau (Read full recommendation.)


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