As an editor for Geneva Global, the world’s leading philanthropic advisor, I produced grant reports that resulted in more than $10 million being placed with nonprofit agencies. Our style guides were the Associated Press Stylebook and Geneva Global’s in-house guide.


ethiopia-hiv-initiative photo Ethiopia HIV Initiative—Ethiopia has one of the world’s highest numbers of HIV cases. This three-year Strategic Initiative leverages $6 million from the U.S. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) with $3 million from private donors to bring together sixty to seventy of the most experienced grassroots organizations, reaching more than 340,000 people with HIV/AIDS education and care.


Cote D'Ivoire HIV Initiative photo Côte d’Ivoire HIV Initiative—Côte d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) has West Africa’s highest HIV prevalence. This three-year Strategic Initiative brought together 15 to 25 of the most experienced local implementers to reach more than 100,000 people with HIV/AIDS education and care.


1-X4ZU-1006-Katakus-Philippines-H2 Papermaking Workshop Increases Rural Filipinos’ Income—Tenant farmers in the Philippine province of Davao del Norte live at a subsistence level. This project established a small business where village women use agricultural wastes, such as fruit husks, grass and banana leaves, to create handmade paper for sale in the local and export markets. With income from a self-sustaining enterprise, families could afford a healthy and varied diet, schooling fees, and improvements to their homes.


1-14WB3-1106-MOGAR-Rwanda-H2 photo Impoverished Rwandan Girls Get an Opportunity to Learn—This project built a campus for an academically rigorous girls’ secondary school in Rwanda. This school provides impoverished Rwandan girls with a free, rigorous secondary education. Nationally prominent women led this project.


1-VMLZ-0906-ApneAap-India-H2 Children From Indian Red-Light Project Profile Districts Gain Self-Respect—Children of prostitutes often grow up with a sense of shame that makes them more vulnerable to entering sex work themselves. This innovative project used art therapy and family discussions to help children learn skills for dealing with life’s challenges. This project tackled an issue that many are reluctant to openly address.


 1-W49N-0906-SauvePourServir-Ivory Coast-H2 photo  Farming Skills Help Ivorian Women Feed Their Families—Before this project was implemented, income and farm productivity in the village of Azaguie, Côte d’Ivoire, was so low that almost half of residents lived on less than one meal a day during the dry season. This project enabled women to form farming cooperatives and trained them in improved agricultural techniques so they could earn more money from their farming.

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